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What's a cool adventure?         

Breaching hump back whale [frame 3 - apex], Isla San Francisco, Sea of Cortez, Baja Peninsula, Mexico
Palm trees lining a path at Santa Barbara Curaçao

For some, adventure is traveling to new places, experiencing new cultures, trying new foods and gaining an understanding of how people in different societies live and view the world.  For others, a cool adventure is observing wildlife, whether it be birds, whales, lions, or any of the other fascinating creatures that coexist with us on this planet.  And, there are countless cool adventures to be found in viewing or participating in sporting events, attending festivals, going to concerts, trying new activities, or simply taking a hike, whether through a forest or down a white, sandy beach.     

For us - cool adventures are all of the above and more. Along the way, we've captured images from some of our adventures and stored them in our galleries and we've added some stories, recommendations, and travel tips.  We invite you to explore,  get some ideas... and, hey,  have fun out there with your own cool adventures!

Downtown Vancouver at sunset
Kim Hull with two burmese pythons, Singapore
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