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About us

Welcome to CoolAdventures! 

Kim and Greg Hull are photographers who travel full-time specializing in tourism, hotel, resort, sports and event photography. We are available for freelance assignments throughout the world.

We also publish Cool Adventures, where we capture and share our experiences and learnings from living on the road every day of the year.

Who we've worked with recently

Singapore Tourism Board, Volkswagen USA, Explore Minnesota, CityPASS, Rodney Strong Vineyards

Kim Hull

Greg Hull

Kim Hull is a partner with Chasing Light Media and publisher & photographer for CoolAdventures.com. 

Prior to forming Chasing Light Media, Kim worked for two decades in marketing roles, including serving as a marketing executive at a billion dollar loyalty and marketing company.

Kim is a member of the Association Internationale De La Presse Sportive (AIPS), National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association (NSSA), Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), National Press Photographers Association (NPPA), the US Press Association, and the Association for Women in Sports Media.

Greg Hull is a partner with Chasing Light Media, LLC and editor & photographer for CoolAdventures.com.

After a 26-year corporate career with a major telecommunications company, Greg returned to his collegiate pursuit, photography as a partner with Chasing Light Media.

Greg is a member of the Association Internationale De La Presse Sportive (AIPS), National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association, Society of Professional Journalists, National Press Photographers Association, and the US Press Association.

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Where are we?

July: Vancouver, Seattle, Miami

August: Montreal

September: Toronto

Want to work with us?

Great! Contact us using the form on the above menu & we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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Not for everyone

CoolAdventures.com contains descriptions of our travels and adventures.

Some of the activities and adventures described on this website can be dangerous or life threatening. All information on this website is intended for entertainment purposes only. Outdoor activities and sports are hazardous and people die every year doing these activities. We accept no responsibility for anything you choose to do.

If you participate in any of these or other activities, we strongly suggest you research the activity and current conditions, hire a guide or expert to accompany you, go prepared, use caution and don't do anything past your abilities and physical condition.

The experiences described are as we found them during our time at the location. Every hour of every day brings changes and your experiences may differ. Reviews of gear, hotels and restaurants and other forms of entertainment are purely our opinion. Yours may vary.

While we encourage everyone to enjoy life, we in no way advocate acting irresponsibly in any way, at any time.

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