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The Faulkner name

Faulkner is an occupational name believed to trace back to the person who was the falconer - the person responsible for keeping and training the falcons, hawks and other similar types of birds.

Faulkner name variations and common misspellings

Faulker, Faulconer, Falkner, Fawkner, Fauekener, Fawlconer, Faukner, Falcner, Fawlkner, Faukner,

First Faulkners in the United States

One of the earliest known Faulconers in the United States was Reverend Thomas Faulconer, from Twineham, England, who arrived in 1622 aboard the Mary Providence in Elizabeth City County, Virginia. The majority (not all) of Faulconers adopted the Faulkner spelling of the surname once arriving in the United States.

Faulkner ranked 952 of 1,000 of the top surnames on the 2010 U.S. Census.

According to Ancestry.com, in 1880, 37% of Faulkners in the United States were farmers. Ancestry's records listing the name Faulkner include 1 million historical documents, 454,000 birth, marriage, and death records, 43,000 military records, 27,000 immigration records, 315,000 census and voter lists, and 747,000 member trees.

Faulkner families

Charles and Lora Faulkner family

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