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The Stainbrook name

The Stainbrook name traces back to England and possibly stems from the words stone and brook.

Stainbrook variations and common misspellings

The spellings Stainbrook and Steinbrook are both used, sometimes within the same family group.

Others: Steinbock, Stainbrock 

Stainbrooks in the United States

Stainbrook did not rank in the top 1,000 surnames on the 2010 U.S. Census.

According to, in 1880, 54% of Stainbrooks in the United States were farmers. Ancestry's records listing the name Stainbrook include 51,000 historical documents, 6,000 birth, marriage, and death records, 1,000 military records, 166 immigration records, 5,000 census and voter lists, and 38,000 member trees.

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