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In today’s noisy world of social media & marketing, marketers must grab viewers’ attention faster than ever and find ways to interact and nurture those connections. Ironically, while marketing moves along at a blinding pace, one of the best ways to drive engagement dates back almost 200 years – back to around 1825 when Joseph Nicéphore Niépce made the first photograph.

The importance of good photography in

marketing, advertising and editorials

Research has shown that tweets with photos get 313% more engagement.
Source: Twitter

It’s been said that a photograph is worth a thousand words and we’d say a good photo may be worth more. The visual representation of a brand’s message is universal – it crosses languages and other barriers of the written word and simply delivers an experience to the viewer.

But, it’s the quality of the photography that defines the experience. Everyone in the world now walks around with a camera in their pocket and, according to a KPCB study cited in Business Insider, 1.8 billion photos are posted each day on the internet. How does a business or public relations pro help their brand stand out amongst all that noise? Better content, better photography and more exposure.

Work with us

We work with businesses, marketers and PR professionals around the world to assist with the development of their content and to lend a hand in providing them positive exposure through our online channels.

We are a team of professional photographers. Specializing in travel, event, and sports photography, we work on both editorial and marketing projects and deliver high-quality, realistic, and attractive photography for both. We work as a team, providing double the coverage, and are available worldwide for freelance assignments and/or in conjunction with press visits and public relations projects.

We understand both sides of the relationship. A former marketing executive for a billion-dollar company, Kim has over three decades of experience working with business of all sizes to achieve and surpass their marketing goals. We now use that experience to provide beautiful photography, content, and project support to PR firms, agencies, marketing teams, and businesses.

We can help you create buzz. With a large social media following, we generate additional traffic and positive exposure for your business, publication or product. 

We are flexible and experienced. We live on the road full time and have worked with a wide variety of properties, activities, and events. We work with you to develop and deliver the content you and/or your clients need from photographs to options that include photographs, articles, advertising on our websites, and social media coverage.

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